Sam’s Secret RFL One of a Kind Gown

June 18, 2009 at 12:00 pm (Fundraising Campaign, MV-SL-Fashion, One of a Kind) (, , , )

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

There are two things I absolutely love whenever I made one of a kind dresses (OOAK): first, of course, is the main goal to help to fundraise to a good cause! And second, the meaning of each element of the dress: the “concept behind the dress“!

This new Sam’s Secret OOAK Gown was made to fundraising to American Cancer Society through RFL, and the fight against cancer was my inspiration to create it.

The  wavy spears on the back (attached on the spine), represent the different kinds of cancers: all of them attacking from the back. While some of them have bold explicit attack as results of bad habits – as lung cancer as result of  smoke; some other cancers have a completely silent attack (the almost transparent spears on the gown)…

The bodice back is wide open representing how vulnerable we all are to such kind of silent attacks…

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

The front bodice with this delicate red silk texture, represents a macro cellular view of the first impact of the illness  on our bodies.

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

And the skirt represent the recovering process: a tiny belt delimit the very important diagnosis day, when it is possible to start to fight back against cancer. The dark brown nearby the belt represents the heavy treatment while the vibrant red shades growing till the bottom of the skirt represent the recovering health, full of life!

And, of course, there are a lamp chain, also in vibrant red, surrounding the skirt on the bottom:  it represents the wonderful family members, friends and care givers who support with love and comfort whoever is fighting against cancer!

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

Sams Secret RFL OOAK Gown

The gown includes: fashion top and pants as skirt base in all layers, the flex skirt (as pelvis attachment) and the wavy spears on the back (as spine attachment) – so you can wear the gown with or without the spears on the back.

Sam’s Secret RFL OOAK Gown will be auctioned next Saturday, June/20th at NOON SLT at Patch Thibaus Auditorium  (Couture Boulevard/67/66/3015) during an amazing OOAK Fashion Show organized by Frolic Mills including: Amutey DeCuir, Ashoka Eales, Callie Cline, Chianera Cioc, Dezi Jarvinen, Digit Darkes, Eshi Otawara, Indyra Seigo, Mami Jewell, Nardya Rousselot, Nicky Ree, Raven Pennyfeather, Samsara Nishi, Sissy Pessoa, Stiletto Moody , Valenttina Carfagno, VictoriaV McMillan and Ziamela Loon.

One World! One Hope! Go Relay!


Samsara Nishi

Fashion informations – all photos:

Gown: Sam’s Secret RFL OOAK Gown

Skin: [[::Tuli::]] Hope (pale/br) natural

Jewelry: AV-Rorschach Collection blk opal – by Alexander


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