FDC – Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

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Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

As part of Fashion Designers Challenge, today I’m blogging about Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem. And OMG  they did so great together!

Previously of receiving our challenges, each one of us, designers, were trying to guess how “out of the box” could be the individual challenge definition we had to create, compared with our “main” or “personal” style. Our expectations on that particular moment were indescribable!

I guess Ivey Deschanel, from Sn@tch,  is an excelent example to show you how out of box a talented designer can go when challenged!

Ivey Deschanel was challenged by Sevenstar Amat to: “Design a classical suit with pants and jacket for ladies” – Sevenstar Amat

For all of you, who knows Ivey, you know “classical” is not tradicionaly her “style of choice” 😉 and for those who don’t know her yet (hmmm… maybe only noobs don’t know her yet…. anyway)  the name of her brand shows you how non-classic is her store:  Sn@tch !!

On her own words: “The FDC event has been a ton of fun and a great experience. I adore doing these kinds of things cause making something so completely out of my element really expands my experience as a designer and gives me incentive and really…permission to try new things.” – Ivey Deschanel

Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

And this is exactly one of the main points of this FDC event! When the designer is talented and creative, just like Ivey, the result of such challenge is amazing!

And it is loved by people with all sort of tastes: by those who loves classic outfits, and also by those who loves Ivey’s style 🙂

The dress Ivey created is absolutely classic! The colors, the skirt style, the skirt length under knees, you name it!

She took care of each litle detail to make sure it looks classic, as the backstich red fashion top, and the back sewing on the socks!

But! If you look close… you will recognize Sn@tch style also printed on this classic dress! Don’t you? Just like this skin been shown on the back insinuating a daring spirit inside a classic suit!  

Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem 2And here we go: another look of the same outfit, now wearing only the fashion top and the pants.

The two temporary stores with all FDC products will be officialy close today… so if you hurry you still can buy Apprentice Dress today over there:
 Road to Oz (157, 137, 25) and  Snatch Ciky (71, 51, 30)

After that, you will have to visit each designer’s store to buy your outfits! Ivey Deschacel main store is at Snatch City/118/213/30

Now let’s take a look on Eolande’s challenge!

Eolande Elvehjem was challenged by Alexandar Vargas to: “I challenge you to create a piece that is impossible to own in real life, something unique, something surreal that even the art community will look at as art. It must be something that can be worn, it has to be done using prim work. sculpted is ok, just not all sculpted. The piece has to be designed according to this poem.” –  Alexandar Vargas

Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

Ivey Deschanel and Eolande Elvehjem

Anguish Poem: “”

It is amazing how Alexandar’s poem deep touched Eolande, so she asked support from her fiance, as  her way to deal with the main subject of the poem: anguish of  love!

Perfect mood to create this outstanding  jewelry!

I love how Eolande interpreted that! A dark red stone, just like the heart, been supported and embraced by the silver, creating hope to deal with the anguish of  love.

This jewelry is really unique! It is a piece of art!

You can buy Anguish jewelry at Eolande Elvehjem main store is at Ohana Isle (200/58/22)

You can wear Eolande & Ivey on FDC Photo Contest! Check here the rules!

Now I’m looking forward to see what Ivey and Eolande will create on the next editio of the Fashion Designers Challenge event!


Samsara Nishi


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