FDC – Sevenstar Amat and Felicity Overlord

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Fashion Designers Challenge

Fashion Designers Challenge

FDC - Sevenstar Amat and Felicity Overlord

FDC - Sevenstar Amat and Felicity Overlord

After making all that mystery, yesterday we officialy launched the Fashion Designers Challenge during a Fashion Show presented by Timeless Agency at Patch Thibaus Auditorium, and we also opened the doors of the special stores at Road to Oz (157, 137, 25) and Snatch Ciky (71, 51, 30).

During the fashion show yesterday a bunch of designers were sit together to cheer the outfits presented by the models, and it was a lot of fun! Most of anything else, this event gave me the chance to make good new friends, and strengthen the friendship with old friends!

At the end of the day, this was my main goal when I came up with this Fashion Designers Challenge idea: to create an opportunity to fashion designers work together influencing each other to create. And to be able to make this happen, we need collaboration.

Oh! Of course, once we had all this hard work to make this happen, we can also sell some outfits… lol…

And collaboration is exactly what we can see as the results of this team I’m be bloging about: Sevenstar Amat and Felicity Overlord.

FDC - Sevenstar Amat and Felicity Overlord

FDC - Sevenstar Amat and Felicity Overlord

Sevenstar Amat as clothes designer was challenged by Indyra Seigoto create: “I’d like to see someone create an ensemble inspired by a peacock :).  Can be a pants suit, cocktail dress, gown or even men’s attire.  ” –  Indyra Seigo

Felicity Overlord as shoes designer was challenged by Nyte Vargasto: “We want some shoes that can bring out the feeling in the following statement…  “I live within the Darkness, dance among the shadows waiting and watching those of the light.  I feel their emotion, their desires and feed in a frenzy. “”  –  Nyte Vargas

And as you can see on the photo, their items fit just perfect together!

Now let’s take a close look to each one of them.

I remember the very first thing Sevenstar told me when she was challenged by chance by Indyra: “I already made a peacock dress in the past.” I’m really not sure about how she was feeling when she told me that back in the very first day… what I can say you is: as a RL artist and a talented SL fashion designer, Sevenstar accepted the challenge and came up with an innovative and  brilliant “outside box” gown as the result!  

FDC - Sevenstar Amat

FDC - Sevenstar Amat

For sure she reached Indyra’s challenge to create an ensemble inspired by a peacock. And, as you can see on the photos, she made it in a very creative way!

Playing with unexpected elements and colors – if  you take a “traditional peacock dress” as reference –  her creative mind came up with a ” must have” gown.

I’m absolutely sure she had lot of fun creating this gown stitch by stitchjust as she had back in the past, when she was a little kid: “My origins in making fashion are familly tradition, as my grandma and her mother and  grandgranny were great dress makers. I remember myself as a little, sitting in my grandmas sewing salon and watching her working from the child perpective, myself armed with a giant pair of scissors cutting  feistly gaps into my grannies fabrics and making dresses for my dolls.”  Sevenstar Amat

Oh! Her dress also includes this gorgeous red hair.

(By the way, talking about “outside box”… Sevenstar challenged Ivey Deschanel from Sn@tch to design a classical suit for ladies. 🙂 And, yes!, Ivey – who loves challenges – made it brilliantly also! )

You can check (and buy) FDC Stitch by Stitch Peacocks Love Dress inworld at Road to Oz (157, 137, 25).

How about the shoes of this outfit by Felicity Overlord?

FDC - Felicity Overlord

FDC - Felicity Overlord


Felicity is very brave, and very committed with teamwork. She accepted to receive 2 different challenges, so she worked with 2 different clothes designers during the event!

This stiletto Felicity made as team with Sevenstar, is the result of the challenge she received by Nyte Vargas– who, by the way, is also very brave because Nyte also accepted 2 different challenges: one as clothes designer and another as skin designer!

Felicity said she decided to start to create her shoes for this challenge under a chaotic mood. And each piece of her stilettos has a different meaning to reach Nyte’s challenge:

Silver soles represent shadows.  The toe ring represents the current emotion of the wearer…show or hide….be seen or wait until that perfect moment.” – Felicity Overlord

The interesting thing is: Felicity works under collaboration mode for long time… she invited Kimbra McMillan of Beloved Jewelry – who did not take part in the Fashion Designers Challenge – to supply the toe ring to her shoes. (By the way, the toe ring is scripted, and can be shown or hidden by touch.)

The final result is just lovely!! The photo shows the silver version, and the stilettos are also available in Black, in Garnet and in Gold.

You can check (and buy) *FO* Frenzy Stilettos inworld at Road to Oz (157, 137, 25).

Keep and eye on Fashion Designers Challenge  Blog, and designers blogs also to know more about each one of the FDC creations!

And visit  Road to Oz (157, 137, 25) inworld if you wanna see all of  them together.

I hope you enjoy!


Samsara Nishi



  1. sevenstarsworld said,

    thank you Sam, this is really a great review, I am sure Felicity is thinking the same way. Thanks also for coming up with this brillinant FDC idea 🙂

  2. Samsara Nishi said,

    My pleasure Seven!
    I enjoyed so much working with you also!
    And this event would be absolutely impossible without artists like you!
    I’m looking forward to see what you will create for the “second” edition of FDC 😉

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